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Save (or enhance) your Marriage or Relationship

Try taking the Erotic BlueprintsBreakthrough Course with Certified and Licensed Coach Paul

  • Have a life-changing experience that can save and enliven your marriage or relationship.
  • Fully learn and embody the Erotic Blueprints.
  • Achieve that place of amazing intimacy you may have dreamed about.
  • Course is 8 modules.  Each module has
    • One main 90-120 min coaching session.
    • One or two 30 min follow-up sessions as needed.
    • Video tutorials to accompany lessons (optional but recommended).
  • Modules are usually every two weeks (4 month course)
  • Ask Paul about different schedules (once/month for an 8 month course, etc.).

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Module 1 

Foundations and Orgasmic Orientation

  • Basics to ensure success of this powerful, life-changing program.


Module 2

Core Erotic Blueprints

  • Understand how your arousal and desire works.
  • Learn your sexuality stage – where you are now and where you want to be.


Module 3

Determining Blueprints in Others

  • Learn your partner’s blueprint.
  • Understand how to give greater pleasure to your partner.
  • If you are single, you can determine the blueprint of persons you are dating, even without becoming physically intimate!


Module 4

Feeding the Blueprints

  • Learning how to feed the 5 Core Erotic Blueprint Types.
  • This leads to great sexual satisfaction.


Module 5

Speaking the Blueprints

  • Learning how to seductively speak a Blueprint.
  • Your words become ways to access great arousal.
  • Partner communication brings arousal instead of criticism.


Module 6

Holistically Healing your Blueprints

  • Heal the shadow side of a blueprint.
  • This will let you fully embody a blueprint’s potential.


Module 7

Expanding your Blueprints

  • Expand your blueprint to have more sexual variety, fun and freedom.
  • Be on your way to mastery!  
  • This is critical for when your partner is different from you, and that has been an obstacle in the past.


Module 8

Great Intimacy for a Lifetime

  • Know what obstacles are holding you back.
  • Learn to find solutions and move toward what you really want to create.  
  • Ensure the success of what you have learned and embodied.

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