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Save (or enhance) your Marriage or Relationship

Try taking the Erotic BlueprintsBreakthrough Course with Certified and Licensed Coach Paul

As seen on Sex, Love, and Goop with Gwyneth Paltrow on Netflix!

  • Have a life-changing experience that can save and enliven your marriage or relationship.
  • Fully learn and embody the Erotic Blueprints.
  • Achieve that place of amazing intimacy you may have dreamed about.
  • Course is 8 modules.  Each module has
    • One main 90-120 min coaching session.
    • One or two 30 min follow-up sessions as needed.
    • Video tutorials to accompany lessons (optional but recommended).
  • Modules are usually every two weeks (4 month course)
  • Ask Paul about different schedules (once/month for an 8 month course, etc.).

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Module 1 

Foundations and Orgasmic Orientation

  • Basics to ensure success of this powerful, life-changing program.


Module 2

Core Erotic Blueprints

  • Understand how your arousal and desire works.
  • Learn your sexuality stage – where you are now and where you want to be.


Module 3

Determining Blueprints in Others

  • Learn your partner’s blueprint.
  • Understand how to give greater pleasure to your partner.
  • If you are single, you can determine the blueprint of persons you are dating, even without becoming physically intimate!


Module 4

Feeding the Blueprints

  • Learning how to feed the 5 Core Erotic Blueprint Types.
  • This leads to great sexual satisfaction.


Module 5

Speaking the Blueprints

  • Learning how to seductively speak a Blueprint.
  • Your words become ways to access great arousal.
  • Partner communication brings arousal instead of criticism.


Module 6

Holistically Healing your Blueprints

  • Heal the shadow side of a blueprint.
  • This will let you fully embody a blueprint’s potential.


Module 7

Expanding your Blueprints

  • Expand your blueprint to have more sexual variety, fun and freedom.
  • Be on your way to mastery!  
  • This is critical for when your partner is different from you, and that has been an obstacle in the past.


Module 8

Great Intimacy for a Lifetime

  • Know what obstacles are holding you back.
  • Learn to find solutions and move toward what you really want to create.  
  • Ensure the success of what you have learned and embodied.

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