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Summary of All Services


1. Pre-Marital Counseling

  • 5 Sessions, 60 minutes each
  • Ensure that the great chemistry you feel now continues to grow in 5, 10, 20+ years.

See description.

2. Couples Counseling and Intimacy Coaching for Seasoned Couples

  • Fall in love again for the first time!
  • You may have differences in intimacy and feel timid to discuss this with your partner. Let's bring back the sizzle!
  • Learn how deep spiritual and sexual intimacy go together. Understand what a sacred, sacramental, and sexy marriage is like!
  • Is one of you more spiritual than the other? Learn how sexual passion leads to deeper spirituality.
  • Is one of you more sexual than the other? Learn how low libido may actually be misunderstood passion
  • Comprehensive 8 session coaching program
    • Different from sex therapy or marriage counseling. Intimacy coaching touches on the past and envisions your dreams.  
    • Emphasis on discovery of your intimate personality in the present.
    • Beyond learning solely techniques, you will learn each other.
    • Discover what truly satisfies you, and how to communicate that to your partner.
    • If you've never been orgasmic or satisfied, you will be as you deepen your emotional connection.Spirituality and sexuality presentation
    • You will increase your physical pleasure and have more fulfilling orgasms!
    • This journey does require some commitment, but it is FUN and rewarding work!
    • You will end up with a complete make-over of your intimate connection!
    • Your newfound amazing bedroom chemistry will spill into into all parts of your relationship!
    • Amazing sex and intimacy is your calling and God-given birthright as part of a vibrant, sacred marriage!
Single lady with hands joined.

3. Counseling and Coaching for Dating Singles

  • Learn to attract someone compatible with your personality and spiritual values.
  • Develop physical attraction/intimacy when you already have emotional intimacy.
  • Develop emotional intimacy when you already have physical attraction.
  • As a male coach I have insights to help women and men attract ideal partners.

4. Workshops and Presentations


  • Amazing Intimate Relationships


  • Enneagram Deepening
  • Enneagram & Sexual Expression
  • Intimacy & Faith Journey
  • Customized Courses
Service: presentations