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Amazing Relationships Overview, 1 session

2 hours, in-person or Zoom video, must be 18+

What is Intimacy?

Cultural and Religious Values surrounding sex and intimacy

  • These affect all of us, even if you are not religious

Obstacles to Intimacy

  • I'm interested, my partner is not.
  • Why does she always want to be intimate - it curiously turns me off.
  • It worked years ago, but now it is different.
  • I thought our intimate life was great - until my partner admitted she hasn't been satisfied for the past few years.

Tools for Developing Intimacy

  • The Enneagram - 9 types of communication styles
    • What are my natural gifts and talents as a person? 
    • What are my communication style and triggers?
    • Pairings of different communication styles for couples
  • 5 Erotic Blueprints - 5 different lovemaking styles 
    • What's my style, and my partner's style
    • What if my partner and I have different styles?
  • Communication Techniques
    • How should we handle conflicts and disagreements?
    • Techniques for listening and effective communication

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Amazing Relationships - Full Course, on site, 2 days, 7 hrs/day

Amazing Relationships - Half Course, on site, 1 day, 7 hours

Half Course includes one of these:

  • In-depth Enneagram, including natural gifts/talents, communication style, blocks, triggers, and couple pairing combinations (all ages)
  • In-depth Erotic Blueprints, including 5 lovemaking styles, and what to do if we have different styles (18+)

Amazing Relationships - Full Course, video Zoom, 8 sessions

2 hours/session, 8 sessions, 1 session/week, Zoom video, must be 18+

Full/Half courses involving the Erotic Blueprints include:

    • Same as the Overview, except here we go in-depth on every topic and have group discussion to address your specific needs.  

For Christians

  • Historical glimpse of marriage through the centuries
  • Traditional Christian Values
  • Recent developments in Christian and pastoral theology
  • What am I allowed to do as a Christian?
  • What if I'm single?

 Amazing Relationships - Customized Curriculum

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