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WHO is called to INTIMACY?

By: Paul Paiva
Published: 2/8/2020

WHO is called to INTIMACY? Everyone! Married persons are called to sexual intimacy with their spouse, AND they are called to celibate intimacy with everyone else.

Celibates, resting singles, those who are dating, married persons - we are all called to intimacy with our fellow humans.

Feeling and SAVORING your sexual feelings is the KEY to healthy sexual or celibate intimacy. To repress sexual feelings is to inhibit love.

As Christians we tend to focus on moral perfection. This is a grave error! We should rather be striving for intimacy with all humans. We may [and will] fall short of this mandate, but this is our goal.

The Christian model for intimacy is the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Future posts on this page will explore the depths of Trinitarian Intimacy