CoCreative Intimacy


Paul is an exceptional coach. He created the space that allowed me to step into a place of love and acceptance for my desires and working with him has been a crucial part of opening into an empowered and alive sexual expression I never imagined was possible.

Michaela Mujica-Steiner

Coaching with Paul was a delightful experience. This has given a boost to my marriage of 11 years. I had anxiety with being labeled as the "uninterested" person of the couple, and this comprehensive coaching experience helped me realize there is nothing wrong with me, it was just a case of having gone my whole life being misunderstood! We did marriage therapy a couple of years ago and that helped, but coaching with Paul was very specific, learning the nuts and bolts. My husband, too, has grown from the experience, and we are a revitalized sexy couple. His knowledge of the "erotic blueprints" is excellent. Thanks Paul!!

Emily T.