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Benefits of 

Workshops and Courses

for Churches and Organizations

Why Churches Partner with Paul

Many church leaders struggle to provide pastoral care in the realm of sex & intimacy.  Perhaps there are insufficient in-house resources, or these topics are “taboo” and difficult to unpack. Feelings of shame and guilt may be present due to reluctance to fully share.

After over a decade of counseling individuals and couples in relationships, I was led by the Lord to focus on helping congregations to breakdown these walls to achieve God’s desire for intimacy.

Expected Outcome

  • Confidence in discussing intimacy and sex.  It will no longer be taboo.
    • Couples will be comfortable to talk with their pastor and amongst each other.
  • Couples will know it is God's will to have deep and satisfying intimacy with each other.
  • Husbands will feel confident being head of the household, while honoring their wives.  
  • Wives will feel confident in voicing their needs while honoring their husbands, without being squelched.
  • Spouses will each feel heard and cherished, increasing emotional and physical intimacy.

How I Help

  • Provide tools & techniques for helping build Amazing Intimate Relationships.
  • Offer exegetical insights on scriptures that reference sex & intimacy.
  • Explore the overlap of Communication (Enneagram), Intimacy Styles, and Faith to build satisfying intimate relationships.
  • Discuss topics in a safe space, like differences in libido and pornography.
  • Marital & couples counseling to augment your pastoral team.