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Should I take a test to determine my Enneagram Type?

  Do I need to take a test to determine my Enneagram type?
No, you do not.  You can take a test.  With our without a test, it is imperative that you Self-Type.  One study showed 38% of Enneagram test results are inaccurate.  The more evolved you are, the more difficult it is for a test to determine your type.

 The Enneagram is a Personal Journey - not a Test!

Commonly overheard when discussing the Enneagram:  Sure I know the Enneagram, I took that test a while back!  Knowing your type is not knowing the Enneagram.  In actuality, this is the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery.  

A test CANNOT determine your type - you will need to authenticate those results and make the final decision.  Neither can an Enneagram professional tell you your type, although they can tell you their observations, for your consideration.  Only you can decide your Enneagram type.

Ok, but I really want to take a test!

Fine!  A test can give you some guidance.  These results can augment what you are learning via books, websites, and workshops.  A professional you are working with may want to see your test results.  Keep in mind that therapists, counselors, life coaches, pastors, and other professionals are not the same in their Enneagram knowledge and experience!

  Enneagram Typing - Don't put me into a box!
When determining your Enneagram type, you may feel you don't want to be put into a box, or stereotyped.  This video explains how we are encouraged to step out of our type.

Work with an Enneagram Professional

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  • The best book I know on typing is The Art of Typing by Ginger Lapid-Bogda.  Find it on my site at Resources - Books, and look under the category General Enneagram Knowledge.  NOTE - Besides being an authority on Typing, Ginger is adamantly against typing tests.
  • Jerry Wagner Test, costs $10.
  • Enneagram Institute is one of my all time favorite places for Enneagram wisdom. Look for Learn - Type Descriptions.
  • Try Enneapedia™, my own invention which culls Enneagram info from a variety of sources. It is a fun, interactive way to acquire a lot of Enneagram knowledge, and even to compare what various authors have written.