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Chalice my mother made for me that I used every day when I celebrated  daily Mass.

Spirituality & Sexuality

I am a dedicated sex-positive Christian.  I attend church most Sundays.  Yet, I am eclectic in my own beliefs, and respectful of other's beliefs, therefore I work with people of all backgrounds, including atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and persons who are spiritual. 

If you have a faith background, this page is for you.

Love in the world religious traditions

What the major world religions have in common, is they all teach LOVE.

My definition of Spirituality: a desire to grow and become a better, more loving human being.

The central teaching of Jesus is to Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.

Red Stole
One of my favorite stoles, symbolic of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The priest kisses the stole, a metaphor of the cross, before wearing it.

The Sacrament of Love

In some Christian churches, sacraments (< Greek mystery) are external rituals that mysteriously bestow grace in your journey of becoming a more loving human being.

Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation are rites that help you in this journey.

There is one sacrament that is preeminent amongst all the sacraments for teaching and imbuing love. It is Marriage. Marriage is the Sacrament of Love. The Hebrew scriptures are replete with references to the metaphor that the immensity of the love between God and humanity is compared to the intense, passionate love between a man and a woman; even direct erotic references are found in Song of Songs.

This sacrament of love does not begin on your wedding day or at a ceremony. It begins when you first meet each other which may be years prior. It includes friendly conversations, dating, going to movies and parties, late night meaningful conversations, the first and fiftieth kiss, starry-eyed infatuation, and a stirring in one’s loins. ALL of this is part of the Journey of Love.

Ensure you are attending a church that matches your values!

Whatever your values are - be proud of them, this is your sacred journey with God! 

You deserve to know where a church stands on those values, so you can find a good match for your beliefs.

Do you prefer a church that DOES NOT or DOES accept LGBTQ and/or Women in Leadership? 

Do you prefer a church that is Egalitarian, Feminist, or Traditional in its values?

ChurchClarity.org has a mission to find out whether or not a church is accepting of 1) Women in ministry, and 2) Same-sex marriage. 

A church is entitled to have its own beliefs, and you are welcome to attend or not.  But what is important is that the church has CLARITY so that the members know where their church stands on these two critical issues.