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Videos - Communication Tips and Tools

Enneagram Facts and Typing Interviews

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Gain knowledge in these areas:

  • FAITH - fun facts you may have not known about Christianity.  
  • INTIMACY - a discussion of your bedroom style and how to resolve libido differences.  
  • COMMUNICATION - the Enneagram is a superb tool for learning about yourself and your partner, and a foundation for developing laser-focused couple communication.

It was largely a Christian community, dedicated to personal and spiritual growth, that discovered the Enneagram as a powerful tool to help with one's journey in faith.


Used by professionals who inspire growth.


The Myers-Briggs system is based on behavior, whereas the Enneagram is based on motivations for your behavior.


No!  There is no problem with taking a test, however ultimately only YOU can determine your type, based on your own self-study, which may be embellished by test results or the observations of a professional.


When learning the Enneagram, some fear being stereotyped or put into a box.  


Jeremy is a highly evolved individual who has high principles to make the world a better place.  He is a hard-worker who exercises good judgement on getting things done, yet enjoys taking time for having fun.


Amelia is deeply connected with her heart and beckons us to behold the beauty around us.


In this interview Brett shares his type-meandering journey, and eventual conclusion that he's a type SIX.


Jenn is passionate, caring, nurturing, and a protector of those around her.


Megan is an easy-going person with an extraordinary sense of empathy. 


Allison is an artistic, articulate, ambitious, and highly evolved person with a talent of assisting those with differing views to see things from each other's perspective.

In this interview she shares her type-meandering journey, considering THREE, SIX, SEVEN and eventual conclusion that she's a type NINE.