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Enneagram via Watching Media - Type 4 the Individualist, Artist

Date Wed, 2/7/2024
Location DU non-credit, online
Time 7-9pm

This course is offered through Denver University, Life-Long Learning.

You do not need to be a DU student or alumnus to register.

Are you acquainted with the power of the Enneagram, yet you know some but not all of the various Enneagram energies?  In this engaging course we will watch and discuss videos of examples of the nine Enneagram types, in the full range of healthy, average, and unhealthy expressions.  We will learn where each type sits in the Body Center, growth and stress paths, and Hornevian and Harmonic Triads

WINTER TERM  (6 weeks) Types 1-6

SPRING TERM  (4 weeks) Recap of 1-6, then Types 7-9


 We will watch clips from movies, YouTube, and listen to some audio clips, and engage in class discussion to deepen our experience.  This is a FUN and appealing way to deepen your Enneagram wisdom!    


Presented by

Paul Paiva, M.Div., M.A.
Couples Counselor