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Beginner EnneaJeopardy (New to Enneagram Series)

Date Wed, 5/26/2021
Location Online - register to receive the event link.
Time 7 - 9pm Mountain Time

Are you new to the enneagram and want to learn more about each type while testing your knowledge about the Enneagram? Join us for Beginner Enneajeopardy- jeopardy about the Enneagram for beginners.

You are considered new to the Enneagram if you have recently discovered the Enneagram and you are in the process of learning the basics of the Enneagram and the characteristics of each type. This meeting is intended to help you learn more about the Enneagram and each type, so don’t worry if you are not confident in your knowledge of the Enneagram!




This meeting is designed for beginners. If you know the enneagram and about each type pretty well, please check out the other meetings we offer. If you join and find yourself knowing all of the answers, we ask that you please be a silent participant. We would like to create an environment where newbies feel safe asking questions and they can test their knowledge without feeling overwhelmed with a lot of new information.

CONTENT: Questions will be pulled from professional Enneagram authors, books, and online resources.

WHAT TO BRING: Be prepared to have a piece of paper and pen or a whiteboard and marker to write your answers down to share with the group on your video via zoom.

Kayla Nobilini is a new board member of Enneagram Colorado and has been studying the Enneagram for the past 2.5 years. She uses the Enneagram in her personal life with family and friends, and she is working on connecting with communities of faith around Denver to increase their awareness of the Enneagram. Kayla has a desire to make more people aware of the Enneagram and how to use it for personal growth and in relationships. She is hosting a New to Enneagram Series to teach the basics of the Enneagram for those who are just starting to learn about the Enneagram.