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The Enneagram as a Tool for Pastors

Date Tue, 7/16/2024
Location Online - register to receive the event link.
Time 6:30-7:15pm Mountain Time
Cost $5/single

Introducing the Enneagram to pastors who have the charge of assisting their congregants to grow.

We'll cover all this about the Enneagram

  • Origins
  • Who uses it
  • How can it help me to inspire my parishioners to grow
  • How it can help with couples counseling
  • Time for Questions and Answers



The Enneagram can give tremendous insight to learn...

  • What are my God-given gifts and talents?
  • What is God's will for me?
  • How can I communicate better with my spouse, child, co-worker?
  • What are my blind spots and triggers?
  • What are my virtues and vices?