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Enneagram - Couple Panel - THREE and EIGHT

Date Tue, 8/25/2020
Location Online - register to receive the event link.
Time 6:30 - 8:30pm Mountain Time

In this exciting live presentation, a moderator (Paul Paiva) will interview a couple so that meeting participants can gain insights into the specific dynamics of this Enneagram type pairing. A married couple from our group (Lisa & Tom) has graciously agreed to be on our panel so we can examine the dynamics of a THREE - EIGHT couple in action.

Angelina and Antonio kissing in bed

Relationship compatibility is not dependent upon one’s Enneagram type, nor a certain pairing of types. Rather, most psychotherapists would agree that compatibility depends on both people being in a place of healthy emotional maturity, regardless of their Enneagram type.

In every type-pairing, there are natural blessings and natural challenges.

Angelina and Antonio

This will be our third couple interview! Previously we did THREE-NINE and TWO-FIVE. It was a revealing and insightful experience for both the couples and the participants!

BIO of Moderator of the Couple Panel
Paul has been doing pre-marital preparation for couples for 15 years using the Enneagram as a primary tool. He also plans and then officiates romantic and exciting wedding ceremonies, and is a certified intimacy coach. He has an M.Div. and an M.A in theology with an emphasis in pastoral counseling.  

The photos are Angelina Jolie (THREE) and Antonio Banderas (EIGHT) in the movie Original Sin (2001).

SPOILER ALERT! Nice adventure drama in which the EIGHT is healthy, loving, and romantic. The THREE is average, deceiving, and detaches from her heart easily. Jolie deceives Banderas, but nevertheless he doesn't give up on her and attempts to romance her, even after he's been swindled.

 ATTENDANCE will be ONLINE - via a Zoom link which will be given when you register for this free event.

A special WELCOME to those from afar who many not normally be visiting our group due to distance, a distance which is no longer a barrier!

6:30 MOUNTAIN DAYLIGHT TIME - Meeting STARTS PROMPTLY. May I suggest joining at 6:20 or 6:25 in case any technical glitches need to be solved in your environment.

AFTER the meeting, we will do some ONLINE SOCIALIZING, so keep your favorite cup of tea, vino, or munchies nearby!
Everyone is invited to our meetings! Normally, meetings are just $5 for non-members, and free for members. For the time being, the online cost is free for everyone!