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YOUR Family Tree - and the Enneagram - a Party!

Date Tue, 12/15/2020
Location Online - register to receive the event link.
Time 6:30 - 8:30pm Mountain Time


Upon registration, link to this online event will be sent to you two hours prior. This is to safeguard online safety of the event.


Let's have a Holiday Party, Enneagram-Style!

As we gather for holiday rituals with our family we often reminisce of relatives and former family members. Let's have a Family Style Enneagram Discourse.

In this informal online meeting, you will be encouraged to grab a flask of eggnog, cup of tea, or glass of vino, while we festively banter these questions:
1. Do you know your parents' Types? What are they?
2. How has their Type affected you in your development, in your Type?
3. Tell us, enneagramatically, about your siblings, grandparents, cousins, and children.

An end-of-year Holiday Enneagram Party Discussion YULE not want to miss! Attendance of kids and great-grandmas is encouraged!

ATTENDANCE will be ONLINE via a Zoom link will be sent two hours prior to the event. 

A special WELCOME to those from afar who may not normally be visiting our group due to distance, which is no longer a barrier!

6:30 Meeting STARTS PROMPTLY. May I suggest joining at 6:20 or 6:25 in case any technical glitches need to be solved in your environment.
AFTER the meeting, we will do some ONLINE SOCIALIZING, so keep your favorite cup of tea, vino, or munchies nearby!


Looking forward to seeing you there!