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Intimacy Styles  

BEYOND the 5 Languages of Love, the 5 Intimacy Styles, also known as the Erotic Blueprints™, help you to understand your sexual personality, your arousal mechanism. We are not all the same!  Paul has undergone training and is certified to teach this.  

What type are you? 
Here are some tidbits of what someone imbuing each of the Intimacy Styles might say:
Energetic - Spiritual and Emotional Connection 
  • I savor anticipation and longing.
  • I'm attracted to you... but don't touch me too soon, or too much.
  • Let's sit on the couch, 3 inches apart.
  • I want to connect with you emotionally and verbally.
  • I can feel your pain.
  • Feeling spiritually connected with you is necessary before I can be aroused.
  • No, I didn't orgasm this time but I'm so fulfilled being with you. 

Sensual - Titilating All 5 Senses

  • I come alive when I feel your soft and silky bedsheets.
  • I feel connected with you when I see the sensual and romantic pictures on the wall above your bed.
  • Those fragrant and beautiful flowers allow me to be my sexy self.
  • Mmmm - I see a bowl of strawberries next to the bed!
  • I love it when I feel your sensual caresses all over my body.

Sexual - Straightforward Sex - Common in the Movies

  • I want you to penetrate me, now.
  • Because our guests arrived 15 minutes early, I didn't get to orgasm and I'm upset about that.
  • I do like it rough. Often!
  • I feel so connected with you and aroused when you grab my genitals when we first climb into bed.
  • The more revealing the outfit... the better! 

Kinky - Love of the Taboo

  • Tie up my wrists and blindfold me tonight.
  • That hurt so good!
  • I never thought I would enjoy a paddling, but that was so good in the middle of our lovemaking.
  • I just melt when you say, "good girl".

Shapeshifter - Needing ALL the Above

  • Our play was energetic last time, but tonight I'm craving sensual.
  • My partner says I'm amazing in the bedroom - but I'm bored.