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Couples who want to fall in love again for the first time. Or perhaps you have differences in intimacy and sex. Bring back the sizzle!

Singles, women and men, who need guidance with attracting excellent candidates for dating with whom they have excellent emotional and sexual chemistry. As a male coach I'm well-suited for coaching women attracting men.

Are you acquainted with the Five Love Languages? Knowing the Erotic Blueprints is like knowing your bedroom personality.

Couple embracing

Hello! I am an Erotic Blueprints™ intimacy, sexuality, and dating coach.

Couple Embracing

Has this ever happened to you?


In your long-term relationship, you had good/excellent sexual chemistry at the beginning, but after 5, 10, 20+ years the chemistry has waned.

You have felt misunderstood by a partner who has (hurtfully) labeled you uninterested or low libido?

Your efforts to communicate to your partner what arouses you have been unsuccessful.


You meet someone new and have great conversational and emotional chemistry, but at the first sexual encounter the chemistry is not there.

You are attracting those with whom you don’t feel sexual compatibility.


You are unsure of how to navigate your sexual and relationship journey in light of religious teachings you were taught, and shame you have experienced.

If any of the above applies to you, you might enjoy learning about the five styles or blueprints of sexual pleasure!

Paul is a dynamic coach who is able to teach you the Erotic Blueprints™ in a way that is personalized and tailor-made for your unique situation. You will learn techniques that will last a lifetime!

your experience of sex and intimacy

Erotic blueprints

Erotic Blueprints

Energetic Longing, anticipation Erotic blueprints: energetic
Sensual Fragrances, aesthetic beauty, touch Erotic blueprints: sensual
Sexual Penetration and orgasm Erotic blueprints: sexual
Kinky Love of the taboo Erotic blueprints: kinky
Shapeshifter Constant need for variety Erotic blueprints: shapeshifter