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Welcome! I am a Couples Counselor Specializing in Communication Styles

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Different Styles of Communication?

As a Couples Counselor I am a neutral party, understanding each of your specific needs


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Certified Erotic Blueprint coach

Learn to go BEYOND The Five Love Languages

to knowing your intimacy style under the sheets

Has this ever happened to you?

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In your long-term relationship, you had good/excellent sexual chemistry at the beginning, but after 5, 10, 20+ years the chemistry has waned.

You have felt misunderstood by a partner who has (hurtfully) labeled you uninterested or low libido?

Your efforts to communicate to your partner what pleases you have been unsuccessful.

You are best friends, but have little or no sex. You are in love and committed but unsure of the future.

After you married, exploring intimacy was enjoyable, but without much sexual satisfaction.


You meet someone new and have great conversational and emotional chemistry, but at the first sexual encounter the chemistry is not there.

You are attracting those with whom you don’t feel sexual compatibility.

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You are unsure of how to navigate your sexual and relationship journey in light of religious teachings you were taught, and shame you may have experienced.

You try to remain faithful in your Christian walk with God, but it's challenging to integrate that with your sexuality.

If any of the above applies to you,

you might enjoy learning about your personality under the sheets.

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